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We are a progressive design and web development agency growing brands through captivating digital experiences.

Stunning Designs,
Brand Positioning,
Rock-Solid Code!


We are a group of remote-working individuals that employ and leverage technology to work together as a team. Our digital workflow brings us closer across geographic and cultural lines much like your website connects you with your customers. We understand how our digital lifestyle is breaking down past barriers so that consumers and brands have greater access to each other. We strive to be a leader in the digital revolution by connecting people, organizations, stories, and dreams.


For 10 years, we’ve grown, stretched, and innovated to help our partners navigate through the digital age. Our goal is to connect people with companies in meaningful experiences through creativity, technology, and stunning brand experiences.

A team of many
one purpose

Our team prides ourselves on staying current, honing our skills, and crafting beautiful experiences for our partners. We understand the rewards and challenges of a digital world because we've been there. We share your passion and we know what it takes to win.

Meet Our Team

Randy Gonzalez

Senior Developer

Randy is the founder and senior developer @ Shift! With 20 years of experience, Randy has had the opportunity of working on dozens of platforms, frameworks, and programming languages. Over the last few years he has focused his skillset on JavaScript, React, PHP, HTML, CSS, and other web development tools. Randy currently lives in Mission Viejo, CA with his wife and 2 boys! When he is not writing code, you'll probably find him shooting hoops with the boys or building furniture in his woodshop!

Isaac Chavez

Front-End Developer

I am a Front-end Web Developer and UI designer. While in college I worked as a grpahic designer to earn money and improve my craft. I earned a degree in Computer Science from California State University Long Beach where I focused on Software Engineering. Now I focus on front-end frameworks and UI design. Aside from work I enjoy talking to friends and strangers, leading a college campus ministry, and instigating deep conversations about the nature of things.

Dane Maison

Full-Stack Developer

I’m a full-stack developer with a passion for building awesome things and pushing my creative limits. I have over two years of experience working as a web developer using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and other web development tools. I strive to create websites that attract customers, are easy to use and navigate, and provide the best possible solution for the business that needs it.

Jesus Mendez

Jr. Developer

Jesus Mendez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in Southern California. He currently works in the environmental industry but moonlights as a junior developer. He developed a love for coding when a life setback brought the need for a new challenge. He is gaining more experience everyday. In his spare time he enjoys outings with his wife & son and furthering his knowledge of biblical theology. He looks forward to many new endeavors @ Shift.

Jason Klein

Content Developer

In view of the beautiful Colorado Front Range, Jason lives with his wife of 22 years and three children. With a blended background in audio production, IT, pastoral ministry, and communication, Jason brings a dynamic and concise voice to each project. Born and raised in Southern California, Jason loves spending time with his family, drinking coffee, watching movies and sports, and leading worship at his church.

John Ko

Jr. Developer

John Ko was born in Mississippi and raised in Southern California. He enjoys problem-solving and coding, improving his skills daily. On his spare time, he enjoys reading books or playing fighting games. Each day, he looks forward what new challenges may appear before him. Look forwards to learning new ways to program.

Maryam Siahatgar

Creative Director

Passionate, intuitive and a visionary, Maryam has conceptualized and executed brands for several businesses and is recognized for her success in delivering fully integrated branding experiences. With over 10 years of experience, she believes great design starts with values, a creative mind, and a heart that is ready to connect. Outside the office, you may find her traveling, zenned out on yoga, and exploring the best local restaurants. Her influences are nature, bright colors, clean design, and the belief that “less is more.” Maryam holds a BFA in Visual Communications from California State Long Beach.