Appreciation At Work

Helping organizations create healthy workplace cultures, Appreciation At Work provides turn-key tools to asses, train, and educate workplace environments. Featuring best-selling books, video tools, online assessments, and in-person resources, they have worked with large-scale clients, such as Microsoft and Chick-Fil-A, to create a culture where everyone on the team feels truly valued.

Appreciation At Work Case Study


With so much to offer organizations, Appreciation At Work has been pioneering resources for revitalizing workplace cultures for years. However, their tools and resources were locked into tangible books, paper, and print, and they were expanding into digital distribution and eCommerce. They needed a website that effectively communicated their vision and offerings with access to online assessments, training media, education tools, and purchasing AAW system kits.


We approached the redesign from a marketing viewpoint to identify a problem their customers had, highlight it, and offer the solution. The use of black and white, high-contrast photos adds drama and intensity to the simplified brand-script. The structure of the website and the demands of the eCommerce made Shopify the perfect fit. We crafted a fully responsive site on Shopify, loaded with powerful photo effects, intuitive navigation, and an engaging flow to guide visitors through their product offerings.

Appreciation At Work Case Responsive Design


AAW Digital Experience
AAW Mobile Experience