Proje is a maker of superior car products that work. Passionate about cars, car care, and their products, their one purpose is to make the process of cleaning and maintaining your car enjoyable again using simple products that are easy to use and deliver on every last detail. With years of experience in the detailing industry, they have developed the resources, tools, and supplies to help get the job done right.

Proje Car Case Case Study


Proje has been in the car care and detailing industry for years and they have developed many products and processes to treat cars like the treasure they are. Powerful and easy to use, their catalog of high-end products deliver amazing results, but their website did not.They needed a redesign to match their bold attitude and confidence, highlight their best-selling product, and an eCommerce solution that could handle all their products and accessories.


We approached the redesign from a marketing viewpoint to identify a problem their customers had, highlight it, and offer the solution. The use of black and white, high-contrast photos adds drama and intensity to the simplified brand-script. The structure of the website and the demands of the eCommerce made Shopify the perfect fit. We crafted a fully responsive site on Shopify, loaded with powerful photo effects, intuitive navigation, and an engaging flow to guide visitors through their product offerings.

Proje Redesigned Website
Proje Redesigned Website
Proje Redesigned Website