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Suntek is a comprehensive and fully integrated enterprise software company for managing the forwarding, warehousing, and customs compliance of the logistics industry. Since its foundation, Suntek’s mission has been to deliver maximized value to customers by providing the most comprehensive enterprise software solutions for managing the logistics, warehousing, and trade compliance in the flow of goods throughout the world.

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The logistics industry is highly competitive and fast-changing, and Suntek has leveraged IT-driven process management providing continuous innovation to its customers. They needed an online experience that visually communicated the scope of their products,invited visitors to explore, host dynamic content, and provide portals for customers into their tools.


We approached the redesign from a marketing viewpoint to identify a problem their customers had, highlight it, and offer the solution. The use of black and white, high-contrast photos adds drama and intensity to the simplified brand-script. The structure of the website and the demands of the eCommerce made Shopify the perfect fit. We crafted a fully responsive site on Shopify, loaded with powerful photo effects, intuitive navigation, and an engaging flow to guide visitors through their product offerings.

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